Donor Day celebrations provide a unique opportunity to bring together a group of people to donate blood at Nebraska Community Blood Bank donor centers. These events are a great way to celebrate a special occasion, give back to the community, or honor a special person in your life.

Donor Days can be a great alternative to holding a blood drive, if you have a group interested in donating blood together. Depending on your group size, your Donor Day can take place over a few hours in one day, over a few days, or even the course of a month. Make your Donor Day unique by bringing decorations or treats, such as cake or balloons. 

The process is easy

Nebraska Community Blood Bank will help you through the simple process of planning your Donor Group Event.

  1. Gather a group of donors who are committed to donating blood at your Donor Day.
  2. Select your preferred timeframe may it be a day, week or month! 
  3. Schedule donation appointments for your group by contacting Jami Kassebaum (402.416.6185) in Lincoln or Robin Stewart (402.429.0403) in Omaha, preferably 3-4 weeks ahead of your preferred date.
  4. Your group will receive its own unique giving code—be sure to share this code with your group so they add it to their donor profile. This giving code will help keep track of your donor day’s success!

New: Donor Day Results

We’ve gone paperless! Now your donors can assign themselves your event-specific code in their Hero Hub account so you can track how many generous friends, family, or coworkers gave in honor of your donor day, donor week, or donor month. Your Account Manager will help you set up this code and communicate instructions to donors.

Learn More:

  • Contact Jami Kassebaum via email or at 402-416-6185 when you’re ready to begin planning.
  • Donor Day Brochure

We donated in honor of Cameron who was born prematurely. His parents are forever grateful for the blood he received. For many of us, it was our first time donating and we were nervous. Nebraska Community Blood Bank staff were wonderful and quickly calmed our nerves. Thank you!
—Alicia McAtee, Cameron’s aunt

Check out this sweet video Cameron’s family made of their Donor Day experience.