Where heroes

are made.

Donating blood turns ordinary people into lifesaving superheroes. With patients depending on blood products daily, will you be their hero?

Be the type

to give more piggybacks.

Because of volunteer blood donors, each year millions of people are given a second chance.

Be the type

to show you care.

Blood donors perform the ultimate random act of kindness when they donate!

Be the type

to give her more birthdays.

One in seven hospital patients will receive blood. Blood donors give help for today and hope for tomorrow.

Be the type

to give more playtime.

Blood donors give a priceless gift. Blood donors give another birthday, another family celebration, another chance to grow up.

Online Scheduler Coordinator's Corner

News, Events and Resources

Buddy up to save lives this October

This October, bring a new donor with you to donate blood and you both receive a free T-shirt! 

U.S. Travel Alert Due to Zika Virus

U.S. travel to risk areas with Zika virus transmission may temporarily defer you from donating. Learn more


Urgent need for platelet donors

With a shelf-life of just 5 days, the need for platelets is constant. Call 1-877-486-9414 to schedule a donation today or learn more.


Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Roll up your sleeve this September in honor of kids fighting cancer, like Leyna. Read her story