Be the type

that gives.

Currently the community’s blood supply is dangerously low. In an emergency, seconds count, you can make sure the blood will be there.

We have an urgent need for Type O- (O negative) blood. Please give!

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Family Meets their Son's Blood Donor

Owen Morton couldn't comprehend why all of the adults gathered at Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center on Tuesday were clapping.

There’s An App For That!

Scheduling your next appointment has never been easier with the new NCBB app for both the iPhone and Android.

Providing a Safe Blood Supply

The Nebraska Community Blood Bank has served southeast Nebraska since 1968. NCBB is licensed by the FDA, accredited by AABB and the European Union and a member of America’s Blood Centers.

Your ticket to saving lives

January is National Blood Donor Month—all presenting donors can enter to win Husker tickets! Learn More