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Professional Education

As a proud division of the New York Blood Center Enterprises, Nebraska Community Blood Bank shares in a common mission to train the next generation of leaders in the fields of blood banking and transfusion medicine, and values the acquisition, sharing and application of knowledge. As part of our commitment to serving the community and our client partners, we provide educational experiences to a wide range of groups including physicians, technologists, and students.

Professional Education Opportunities

Featured events

A virtual education series for patients, providers, and caregivers, featuring Dr. Jed Gorlin in the session on June 27, 2020. Other recorded SickleSMARTSummer sessions are also available.

Learn more from the Sickle Cell Foundation of Minnesota.

  • Medical consultation

    Nebraska Community Blood Bank offers staff development and consultation, including consultation on blood usage management, with some of the nation’s leading experts in transfusion medicine:

    • Jed Gorlin, M.D., MBA, Medical Director and Vice President, Quality and Regulatory Affairs

    • Nancy Van Buren, M.D., Associate Medical Director

    • Elizabeth Perry, M.D., Associate Medical Director

    To request a consultation, please contact us.

  • Online continuing education

    Nebraska Community Blood Bank's Learning Center is available to view a variety of transfusion medicine self-study courses. These courses may be useful to transfusion medicine physicians, blood bank technologists, or medical laboratory science students. Receive continuing education P.A.C.E. credits for successful completion of the self-study courses. Log in and browse available topics!

    Having problems? Contact us.

  • Technical Advisory Meetings (TAMs) and AABB eCasts

    Bi-annual Technical Advisory Meetings (TAMs), offered free of charge, are available to keep hospital staff up to date on the latest industry developments, and attendees earn continuing education P.A.C.E. credits. Nebraska Community Blood Bank is also proud to offer AABB eCasts throughout the year. AABB eCasts are 60–90 minute online educational programs covering the most important topics in blood banking and transfusion medicine.

    2020 IBR Technical Advisory Meeting and AABB e-cast Schedule

    *Please note that the 2020 schedule is not accurate due to COVID-19 related complications.

    These educational events are planned and designed with the hospital laboratory staff in mind, however everyone is welcome to attend any session. Please let Jen White, Aaron Kornaus, Chris Pape, Eileen Bramble or Angela Engblom know of any additional topics that you would like included in your area’s educational meeting(s).

  • Clinical rotations

    Upon request, Nebraska Community Blood Bank is proud to support individuals in MLS, MLT, or SBB programs who are in need of a hands-on clinical rotation. Training may include both the theory and application of donor services, infectious disease testing, component preparation, quality assurance, and antibody testing. Application for a Clinical Rotation Questions? Please contact us.

  • Physician training

    Nebraska Community Blood Bank provides a two-week rotation to local transfusion medicine fellows. These physicians are guided by NCBB medical staff and other blood center experts as they receive an overview of blood center operations with special concentration on donor infectious disease testing. This visit also includes discussion and observation in several departments, including component processing. Abbreviated tours or visits may also be scheduled for area residents.

    For more information, please contact us.

  • Blood center tours

    Behind-the-scenes tours of donor centers and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities offer hospital staff, community groups, high school students, and others an opportunity to see the future of blood bank testing and research in action. To request a tour, please contact us.

  • Speakers at local and national conferences

    Medical and technical experts from Nebraska Community Blood Bank routinely share their knowledge and experience at local and national conferences, including CLMA, ASCLS, MABB, and AABB meetings.

  • Community outreach

    In addition to serving the professional development needs of the blood banking industry and the transfusion medicine community, knowledgeable experts and educators reach out to business and civic groups, high schools, and health-related service organizations to present at meetings, luncheons, or workshops on a variety of topics. For more information, please contact us