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Program Rules

Get rewarded for saving lives

The Donor Loyalty Program is our way of thanking loyal donors who help ensure a safe and stable blood supply. We know blood is a gift you give generously and voluntarily. We’re excited to give you something back. Accrue loyalty points with each donation and wear some Nebraska Community Blood Bank swag with pride—you deserve to brag about the lives you’ve saved!

Access the donor loyalty store through your donor profile. Just log in or create an account to start tracking and managing your donor points.

How does it work?

With every blood donation, you’ll accrue points based on your donation type. View your donor points in your donor profile—points will update within a few days of your donation. As you accrue, you can use points to redeem gifts and swag in the loyalty store. Simply browse reward gifts and add to your cart when you're ready to redeem. The checkout process is easy—you can expect to receive your items within 6-8 weeks. 

Points System
Donation Type
At a blood drive
At a donor center
Whole Blood 5075
Double Red Cell100150
Platelets + Red Cell or Plasman/a125

Loyalty Program FAQ

  • How do I log in?

    You can visit our Hero Hub donor portal to log in. If you have not logged in since May 21, 2020, you will need to select ‘Create an Account’ and follow the listed instructions.

  • Do I still have my donor points from before the store was closed?

    Yes! Your points survived the move to our new loyalty store. Your points are still worth as much as they were before. Plus, any points you accrued during the temporary closure of the loyalty store will now appear in your point total!

  • Why are point values different?

    Point values awarded for each donation have been adjusted to match new item values in the loyalty store. We’ve also refreshed gifts to choose from and made sure to match values accordingly with our new points system. Any previously awarded points have not lost value in worth.

  • Why do I receive different points for donating at a blood drive vs. donor center?

    We encourage donations at our donor centers because it is more cost efficient, and because those sites have the equipment needed for specialty donations – like double red, plasma, or platelet donations – based on your blood type. Making a double red, plasma, or platelet donation allows you to give the right type of donation for your blood type, and for patients in need. Plus – you earn more loyalty points more quickly when making one of these specialty donations. By donating in a donor center, you’re going out of your way to give even more generously, and we recognize that.

  • When and how will I receive my gift?

    Once you’ve selected a gift and redeemed your points, sit tight. Gifts typically take 6-8 weeks to arrive through the U.S. postal mail. During checkout, you’ll be able to select your shipping address for your items—or, add a new shipping address to send to. Make sure to confirm the correct shipping address is selected.

  • If I’m deferred from donating blood will I still earn points?

    Yes—all presenting donors are awarded points regardless of whether their donation was successful or not.

  • How do I see my donor points?

    When you are logged into our donor portal, you donor points will appear in the ‘Donor Snapshot’ when you are on the home page or the ‘My Donations’ tab. They will also appear in the ‘Donor Points Snapshot’ on the ‘My Rewards’ tab.

  • Will my points expire?

    They can. If a donor goes 15 months without a donation, their points will automatically expire. We have not expired points for anyone since May 21, 2020 and will honor this for an additional 15 months after the opening of the store. After that, expirations after 15 months of inactivity will resume.

  • Can I earn bonus points?

    Yes! Nebraska Community Blood Bank will offer Bonus Days as needed during critical time periods. But remember: the best way to accrue points steadily is to give regularly.

Gift Card FAQ

  • How will I receive my gift card?

    Gift card redemption will be sent by email from Nebraska Community Blood Bank Loyalty, with an email address of support@calusa.net. If you do not have a valid email address on file, you will receive the voucher via postcard. The email or postcard will include the redemption link and simple instructions on how to redeem your gift card at over 150 retail locations, including Starbucks and Target. 

  • When will I receive my gift card?

    If you order a gift card through the Loyalty Store, you will receive a redemption email approximately 4-6 weeks after placing your order.

    If you qualify for a gift card in response to a blood need, donors can expect to receive a redemption email approximately 1 week after the end of the offer period.

    If you do not have a valid email address on file, you will receive a postcard voucher within 6-8 weeks.

  • What is Calusa?

    Nebraska Community Blood Bank partners with Calusa Marketing to manage distribution of gift cards for our blood donors. Using Calusa as our vendor allows us to offer donors a variety of choices when redeeming your gift card. Your information is protected; Calusa does not sell or use your information in any other manner.

  • What should I do if never received my gift card?

    If the expected wait time has passed and you have still not received your gift card, please first check your junk or SPAM folder. Although not frequent, the messages are sometimes tagged as junk. If it is still not showing up, contact us and we will look into the issue further.

    If you have already redeemed a gift card option and are waiting to receive it, please contact Calusa customer service at 800-946-0997. They are very responsive and will be able to get you your gift card in a timely manner.

  • Where can I redeem my gift card?

    Your gift card can be redeemed at over 150 retail locations, including Starbucks and Target.

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