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Etta and Lane, 25-Week Preemies

Born at just over 25 weeks' gestation, twins Etta and Lane weighed only 1 pound 10 ounces each. Due to their premature birth and small size, they had very low blood volume and were unable to produce red blood cells fast enough to keep up with the demand of frequent blood draws for tests.

Etta and Lane spent a long and challenging four months in the NICU at Bryan Health. Both required several blood transfusions. “We are so thankful,” said Maggie Bruss, the twins' mother. “Without volunteer blood donations, we would have not had the opportunity to take our miracle babies home. Your extremely thoughtful and lifesaving contributions are greatly appreciated by our entire family.”

Today, the twins are healthy, happy, active siblings. They’ve returned to the NICU a few times since, but on happy terms and with gifts for other NICU patients and special treats for the staff. Family and friends have walked as a team for the March of Dimes, and Maggie uses social media and her own experience to provide support to other moms facing the same journey.

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