Nebraska Community Blood Bank Honored for Spirit of Service

On April 18, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Center for Civic Engagement Service-Learning Organization recognized Nebraska Community Blood Bank (NCBB) as one of its 2018 Spirit of Service recipients. Award recipients are nominated by members of the community and then evaluated by the service-learning group. NCBB received two nominations for the Spirit of Service Community Partner Award, and was selected because of its impact in the area of community service-learning work.

“Giving blood to save the lives of people in your community is a true testament to someone’s character,” said Ellen DiSalvo, NCBB President. “Not only is donating blood a good thing to do, it’s something that somebody has to step up to do and we are very thankful for the many civic-minded students who support blood donation. When you’re a student, it’s not easy to find time to volunteer regularly or to invest in a cause financially. As a Nebraska Community Blood Bank blood donor, in less than an hour you are able to impact someone’s life remarkably.”

For more than 25 years, NCBB has partnered with many groups on City Campus and East Campus to host student-led blood drives including UNL Campus Red Cross, UNL Pre-Health Club, UNL Innocence Society, CASNR, Alpha Gamma Sigma, Harper, Scramm Smith Village Blood Drive, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sigma Phi Epsilon, PIKE, and Pi Beta Phi. As our communities continue to grow, so does the need for blood. NCBB seeks to partner with more groups each year to continue to meet that need. Students play a pivotal role in the success of the blood drives, both through their own blood donations and through getting the word out to others on campus. Student blood donors are vital to ensuring NCBB has the blood needed to support local hospitals.

“We are extremely thankful for the students who take time out of their day to donate,” said Jami Kassebaum, lead donor recruitment representative at NCBB. “Many times a student’s blood donation journey starts at one of our blood drives and we are honored to be part of that. Sometimes they are excited, sometimes they are nervous. Our team knows this and strives to meet each student wherever they are and get them through the process quickly and comfortably. Young blood donors are the generation the world relies on to support the need for blood now and in the future. We are honored each time a student chooses NCBB to help build their legacy of serving others.”