Battle of the Badges Competition Comes to an End

September 6, 2017 (Lincoln, NE) – From July 21 through the month of August, Lincoln Police Department (LPD) and Lincoln Fire & Rescue (LFR) competed in a Battle of the Badges blood drive helping Nebraska Community Blood Bank (NCBB) increase blood donations over the summer.

Our local emergency responders see first-hand how the need for blood affects our communities - whether it’s a serious traffic accident, victims burned in a fire, or babies born prematurely. Police officers and firefighters are inspired by helping others, and they know that giving blood is an easy way the community can help people too.

An amazing 317 blood donors participated in the friendly Battle of the Badges competition, with donors supplying blood to supply area hospitals and Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. While the true winners are the people whose lives were saved because blood was available, this year the traveling trophy will find its home at LFR’s Station # 1 at 18th and Q Streets.

“On behalf of Lincoln Fire & Rescue, I would like to thank members of both LFR and LPD for their engagement and energy in creating community awareness around blood donation,” said Chief Despain. “Lives were saved because of the Battle of the Badges and we all got to have fun while doing it. The community support for both police and fire is humbling and awe inspiring. Special thanks to Chief Bliemeister for being such a great sport for this event as well as being a great Police Chief for the City of Lincoln. 

"LFR will proudly display the trophy in the second story window of the fire chiefs office at Fire Station No. 1, with bright lights shining on it 24/7, to allow everyone to bask in the glory of Team Red.”   

NCBB, LPD, and LFR thank all participating blood and platelet donors, media outlets and agencies, and our promotional sponsors Blue Blood Brewery and Firehouse Subs, for their support of the 2017 Battle of the Badges challenge.  

Check out photos from this year's event on our Facebook page.

The Battle of the Badges blood drive was a huge success, but the need for blood is constant. NCBB needs at least 1,000 blood donors every week to ensure that NCBB can provide local hospitals with the blood that patients need to survive. All types are needed – especially type O negative (O-). To schedule an appointment or learn more, please visit NCBB.ORG or call 877-486-9414.