Keys to a Successful Blood Drive

The key to a successful blood drive is to BE ORGANIZED and BE CREATIVE! Your NCBB Blood Drive Recruiter is your best source for ideas and information to promote your event.

Here are some ideas to help:

  • Assemble a blood drive committee to help recruit donors and give support on the day of the blood drive.
  • Work with your NCBB Blood Drive Recruiter to determine appointment goals and be ready to sign up donors for appointments.
  • Four to five weeks prior to the blood drive, put up posters and other promotional materials.
  • Three weeks prior to the blood drive, use your newsletter, newspaper or website to promote the blood drive.
  • Two weeks before the blood drive, keep everyone updated with announcements, texts or emails.
  • In the days prior to the blood drive, make calls or emails to remind donors of their appointments.
  • After the blood drive, be sure to say “thank you” to all participants. Share the success by writing an article for your newsletter, newspaper or website with pictures from the blood drive.

Additional ideas for high schools:

  • Make announcements at school functions.
  • Don’t forget to ask teachers, staff and parents to sign up to donate at the blood drive.
  • Hold a special assembly two to five days before the blood drive. NCBB can provide a speaker who has received a blood transfusion and is willing to share his or her story.
  • Place sign-up tables in high traffic areas. When appointments are made, people are more likely to donate at the blood drive. Appointments also keep the blood drive moving smoothly.
  • Create a challenge between different student groups in your school or other schools in your area.

Remember: The best way to ask people to donate is face to face! Ask with confidence and enthusiasm. Studies show that the primary reason people don’t donate blood is because no one ever asked!