The establishment of an open-heart surgery program in Lincoln was the motivating factor for the formation of a community-based blood bank by the Lancaster County Medical Society in October 1968. Prior to that time, each hospital was responsible for the collection and testing of the blood that they transfused. Transfusions were a rarity and when blood was needed, a donor would be called to donate, with the blood being given shortly thereafter.

Since then, Lincoln’s medical community has experienced phenomenal growth. Today, Lincoln has nationally recognized orthopedic programs, neo-natal centers, a regional burn unit, dialysis programs and a Level 2 trauma center; not to mention the advancements made in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and heart disease. Each program is dependent upon the availability of blood and platelets.

Much has changed; yet one thing remains the same, the Nebraska Community Blood Bank’s commitment to Connecting People, Saving Lives.

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